Meeting That Someone

Most people who want to meet someone tell me they don´t know what to do to find their perfect match! They try it all – or, at least, before pandemic times! – bars, clubs, friends, family´s friends, neighbors, coworkers, parks, various social gatherings, churches, events, even other websites! Time goes by. They end up meeting many people. None of those whom they meet match their needs or their expectations (?). After many attempts, they end up frustrated and, obviously, alone! Why?

Well…do they really know what they want? Are they aware of what it means to be in a long term relationship? If so, are they truly available? Maybe, they just think they are, but they already have kids, family, parents who require them a lot of time, or maybe they are already kind of “married” to their work and occupation…in other words, people who feel deep inside that they have no time for anyone else, yet will never admit it! Maybe they are way too rigid with their criteria in finding “that” someone. Maybe, they just want to continue having “weekend fun” without further commitment but can feel ashamed of admitting it to their peers or friends and family! So they keep saying they “want to meet that special someone”. Maybe they think they are too old for it, or not good enough for other people´s standards. Even, “too good” for them! Nobody levels with their abilities!!

As you see, various are the reasons why people are still hanging out there, trying to find their route to true love and understanding… If you are one of these people, Let´s Face It in Global Couples Online intends to bring up such topics that will help us guide your love life differently. We sincerely hope you can understand yourself better along time in order to achieve the goal of finding that someone – or, simply, finding your own path…!

After all, the main road to leading a better life is self-understanding!
We look forward to walking along that road with you, as we propose reflections upon themes that are related to the issue of relationships in our texts!
Stay tuned,

GCO Team


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